Treatment costs

Instillamed®: better performance than with comparable products

The special composition is a particular characteristic of Instillamed®. Comparable products that also seek to treat interstitial cystitis have only one active substance at most.

By contrast, the hyaluronic acid-chondroitin sulphate solution that we use combines two natural ingredients and thus mimics the natural building blocks of the GAG layer. What this means for you is that with Instillamed® you receive twice the efficacy in one product.

A personal consultation with your treating urologist is essential before you decide to undergo instillation therapy. He will provide you with comprehensive information about the procedure and the costs of treatment. You can find further information in the Treatment section.


You can obtain Instillamed® from your pharmacy.

Information for patients who self-catheterise

The practical pre-filled syringe allows ease of handling. The safety adapter offers additional comfort as the Instillamed® syringe with the adapter fits all current catheters. For you as a patient this means considerable savings in time, because:

  • Instillamed® is available from the pharmacy without prescription.
  • Instillation does not require an appointment with a doctor; you can use Instillamed® yourself at home.

Please note that continuous monitoring by a doctor is important and should be part of the treatment.

Payment of the costs of instillation therapy

As is the case for all instillation therapies, the treatment costs of Instillamed® are not currently paid for by the statutory health insurance funds.