Course of treatment

Procedure of the instillation therapy

Instillation is very simple and requires only a small amount of time on the part of the patient. The treatment procedure with Instillamed® can be summarised in a few steps:

Step 1: The discussion with your doctor

Talk to your treating urologist about treatment with Instillamed®. After consulting your urologist, you can buy Instillamed® at your pharmacy. Unfortunately, as is the case for all instillation therapies, Instillamed® is not paid for by the statutory health insurance funds.

The instillations are usually performed by your urologist.

Patients experienced in self-catheterisation are requested to consult their treating physician.

Step 2: Application

Instillamed® is instilled directly into your bladder by means of a catheter. Ideally, a catheter of 12 Ch thickness should be used. Instillamed® should be left to act for at least 30 minutes.


You should ideally spend this time in a lying position and you should therefore factor this in when planning the length of your visit to the doctor.

Step 3: Course of treatment

At the start of treatment, depending on the course of your symptoms, one instillation weekly for 4 weeks of treatment is recommended. Treatment should then be continued for up to 6 months at monthly intervals.

We recommend that you arrange all your further appointments at your first instillation appointment, so that you can plan your instillation appointments well ahead.

Finding the right treatment - with your help

The clinical course and the degree of severity of IC vary greatly from individual to individual. Your help is therefore required in determining the right treatment.

The documentation of your symptoms, such as the occurrence of pain, or how often you need to pass water, as well as other determining factors are essential information that your doctor requires in order to obtain an accurate picture of your chronic cystitis.

Use the free download documents for this purpose:

After analysing these documents, your doctor can determine how successful the instillation therapy with Instillamed® has been and can optimise your treatment rhythm and adapt it to your individual requirements.

To supplement the records, we offer you further documents which you can download free of charge. These can provide you with support, both for recording important information and also to keep an overview yourself.

Start your own IC diary by printing out the documents, filling them out by hand and collecting them tidily in a folder. Support your treating physician and provide him with the documents.