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ICA Deutschland e. V. [International Cystitis Association Germany]

The "ICA-Deutschland e. V." association - a non-profit company and an association for the promotion of the understanding of interstitial cystitis - was founded in 1993 as the first self-help organisation for IC sufferers in Europe. On its home page, the association would like to inform patients in particular, but also relatives and physicians, about this still far too little-known and under-researched disease, its causes and symptoms, and thus to provide them with assistance.

Urologists' portal

The medical society "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie e. V." (DGU - the German Society of Urology) is the largest body representing German urologists. The society promotes science, research, innovation and continuing and further education in urology. You will find extensive information about urological diseases and treatment methods on its web pages. One particular service it offers is the possibility of searching for a urologist near you.


FARCO-PHARMA GmbH with its head office in Cologne has dedicated itself to focusing strictly on urological matters. FARCO-PHARMA concentrates primarily on products – medicinal products as well as medical devices - that are of use to the urologist in his/her practical, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions on patients. The demands that patients make on the quality of our products play a major part in this.